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More than just your neighborhood feed store!


Family owned and operated since 1978, the Kearney Feed Store is one-stop shopping for all your animals' needs!  Operating in the heart of historic downtown Kearney, we offer a wide variety of products at competitive prices.  Kearney Feed is one of the last independent outposts in the region offering knowledgeable expertise and personalized service at competitive prices. 

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Our Story

Kelle Brammer grew up in the feed business helping her parents operate it in her spare time after school.  She later inherited the store when her father and step-mother died in a tragic accident.  Initially it was a tough decision for Kelle on whether taking over the feed store was the right thing for her career.  In looking back on that decision today, she has no second thoughts and has continued to grow the business and become an invaluable knowledge resource to the community. 


Customers First

 In June 2008, the store celebrated 30 years in business.  Kelle has become widely known in the area for her knowledge and expertise with livestock and equine care.  In a 2008 interview with the Kearney Courier Kelle said "We're working hard to serve our customers.  Whatever it takes, that's my philosophy.  We appreciate our customers, and I think that has made all of the difference."  The Kearney Feed Store knows the key to success is customer satisfaction and loyalty.  "We truly value our customers," Kelle says, noting that "some drive by three other competitor stores enroute to Kearney Feed." 

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